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ok you are totally rigth when i play videogas a fill bad with myself when i see i wasted 1 moth of my life in just half of year XD well at least i used to but the only good thing i read abaut playing video games was the in makes u to be more multifuctional i dont know if is true or not but well in my surrounding people play videogames because they dont have nothing to do and the best or more complete entreteiment that they considere is videogames thats sort of my case too but i do other things too XD (fill free to say anything)

ok i like it

the song it has i degree of true but iat the sam time it doesnt know a lot of stuff but yeah if humans were wise they would have as many problems but all of this was going to happens so...

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finally something different than usual i like it but in my opinion needs more work on character (grafic) and what happend to the girl that was with them??? hope it gets better on ep 2. keep progresing

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hey thats flynn(picture of DiscoStuUK) from Tales vessperia i thougth i was the only one who knw that game XD oh by the way the offlin version of punk-o-matic is a lot better XD


make it better next time if there is or learn how to draw...

Devn responds:

yeah... this is a bad attempt.


hey man i have u score of 5 yest because is V1 but im studing these thing and the eyes nose and moht doesnt feed to the head next time please fix it

Devn responds:

V2 is on it's way and will probably be put in earlier than tomarrow.
way more options will be available.

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The face is great but u need to work more on the body with out mentioning that the head is way to big for the body

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ok there is a pokeball there XD hey i need to some help yesturday i submir my first art how can ui know if it got blame or not if anyone knows pls tell me

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Can you speak english? BTW, thx for review

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